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Near Antalya on the famous 'Turquoise Coast', Adrasan is a charming area of settlements next to the sea.  It was attached to the town of Kumluca until it became a municipality in 1996. Scores of coves and pine forests surround the bay of Adrasan and the prevailing strong offshore winds meant that other harbours were established in ancient times at Olympos and Phaselis.

The name of Adrasan comes from the Greek and the town was also known in Turkish as Çavuşköy. Mountains surround the bay and there are no major roads nearby, making it an especially peaceful place. Natural beauty abounds and the area is full of interesting hıstorical sites such as Mount Chimaera and Olympos. There is a water sports centre and one may also enjoy paragliding from the mountains. The sea temperature is very pleasant with 30 metre visibility for divers on a good day.

Adrasan's mile-long sheltered bay allows for easy access to the sea at any point along the beach.  Opposite the bay, the camel-like 'Musa mountain' attracts ones attention. A short walk along the edge of the bay in either direction will give delightful views of the coast. If you are interested in historical trips, you can easily visit the ancient city of Olympos, Mount Chimaera and the fires of Yanartaş that have burned for over 2000 years aswell as, Kaş, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya.



Exit the Antalya-Kaş highway and drive for 22 km to reach Adrasan. After entering the village you will reach the riverside.

While the riverside is used for vehicle traffic and parking, a small bridge leads to our hotel . At night the lighting creates an attractive atmosphere around the special seating platforms in the river while ducks go about their business along the river.  The temperature is always pleasantly cool even in the hottest days of summer. In January and February, the water level of the river increases due to rains and foreign tourists escaping the cold of their native winters, enjoy the pleasant climate.

The hotels and pensions are located in the right side of the bay, and from here you can walk towards the Gelidonya lighthouse and Mavikent.  Continuing you reach Karaoz bay and then Oturak Bay, famous for being the calmest harbour even when the sea is stormy.

If you go further from Karaöz you will find the Papaz İskelesi Bay, perfect for a day out and picnic among the pine trees. On the other side, the beach that reaches Finike with a length of 25 km in Mavikent is the largest shoreline of Antalya.

Among the activities organised in Adrasan, students and tourists attend diving courses. Dives to 30 metres are usual in the Üçadalar, Pırasalı Island and Sulu Island locations and students are awarded with a diving
certificate at the end of courses.

You can enjoy fishing for Learfish, Bream and Parrotfish with line or harpoon in Papaz bay.

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