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For the most wonderful holiday memories how about a boat tour, a fishing trip, or some scuba diving? And you can discover pristine trekking routes and ancient historical sites from past millenia. 


 There are two options for those interested in a boat tour from Adrasan. Firstly, sailing in a southerly direction towards Cape Gelidonya and Beşadalar where the American oceanographist George Bass  excavated a 3300 year old Phoenician shipwreck in the 1960s.  Alternatively one can take a tour towards Sazak and Porto Ceneviz bay.

On the way to Cape Gelidonya our first stop is Suluada island with its water source which stays cold both in winter and summer. This water is said to help cure renal calculus. Mediterranean seal colonies live here in the winter and throughout the voyage, dolphins can often be seen in the water nearby.  After a half hour you anchor on the other side of Suluada. You find yourself in the very heart of the nature in this beach in which 3-4 boats anchors everyday. With your snorkel and goggles you can dive and revel in the clear water. At noon, the crew of the boat prepare lunch and the sea becomes an aquarium filled with fish gathering to eat the crumbs you throw to the sea. In the afternoon, you have a chance to benefit from hot sand cure on the sandy beach. The boats continue further to left of the Suluada to a tunnel which can be passed through only by rowing boats. This amazing natural feature displays the relationship between the rocks and the sea. The ones who can go across the other side of the island when the sea is calm, reach the water source and write down their names on the rocks all around.

Another stop “Kelleci Bay” is situated at the opposite side of the Suluada. It is possible to see fresh water resources draining from rocks in this bay which is often visited by yachts. In these stops, after getting into water from the grit beach, cold watermelons that are sliced on boat are eaten. At 6 o’clock the boats start to return but  if you want, you can swim in the sea for the last time at the entrance of Adrasan Bay.

Sailing in the other direction, we leave from Adrasan but this time towards Antalya. The first stop is a very interesting and rarely visited fjord called “Gemleyik” worn into an 'S' shape by the sea. There is a very amusing beach next to this natural miracle which is ideal for hiding and escaping, aswell as a blue phosphorus cave which is big enough for boats to turn inside is situated in the same region. Once you have crossed this cave under water, you reach  Sazak Bay after 40 minutes. This bay is called “Balayı Bay” which is a natural harbor where the boats rest. The bay at the other side of the peninsula is called “Porto Ceneviz”. In tours organized in this rotation, you can again swim, have your lunch and feel the generousity of the nature inside and then return to Adrasan.

 You can either attend the daily boat tours sailing from Adrasan beach and see the various beautiful coasts or we can arrange a special boat for you so that you can tour with a group of family and friends between 5-15 people.


It’s a delightful, simple and sporting activity you will love if you are interested in the sea. Test diving shows you the new faces of the immense blue depths. We organize test diving directly from the beach. We supply the materials and other necessary equipment. As this will be your first dive, our dive master first informs you about the necessary details and then we start diving. We dive to a maximum depth of 4 or 5 metres. After diving, we evaluate the dive. The aim of test diving is to show people that diving is actually an easy activity. It’s easy because its rules are very clear. Everything done during diving is learned as a result of the past diving experiences. These rules are the same throughout the world and applied in the same way. Sign language under water is standard. When you dive with a person from another country, you speak the same language under water.

 If you also want to get a certificate, you should attend a star diving course. With this certificate, you document that you are a diver and you may dive whereever you go. Now world seas and beauties are waiting for you..





 In Adrasan one of the most enjoyable activities is fishing, in the abundant waters of Mediterranean. We are sure that you are going to enjoy the most exciting and beautiful moments while fishing with us. You won’t be able to think of anything else while you are catching the fish that are special to our region. The ones who are interested in fishing know that this is the best thing to deal with stress. While you are waiting for fishes to be caught up by your line, you will watch the marvellous beauties, hills and bays of Adrasan.
When you feel the force of the fish at the end of your fishing line and start to combat to catch it, you will find out how the real struggle is. The pleasure of pulling the fishes onto your boat will remain as the best moments of your holiday. Are you ready for a natural and pleasurable struggle with the fishing methods special to our region?



    Adrasan is full of paths and areas, suitable for trekking and free climbing. Thanks to climate of Antalya, you will take long walks in appropriate weather conditons as if it is spring in the trekking tours we organize especially in winters.


Sazak Bay (trekking):

    This is the most enjoyable and easiest walking track. The length of track is totally 16 km. We walk on dirt road among aromatic pine trees watching the sea. You can see the most beautiful bays of Adrasan from the land. This route takes you to Sazak Bay after walking for two and a half hour at normal pace. You can swim in the vast shore of Sazak Bay and relax. Our second choice related with this track is to take you to the Sazak Bay first by means of boats and then start walking from there.


Gelidonya Light House (trekking):


 On the first route we drive to Mavikent Kesebaşı by car. When the road ends, we start to walk among olive trees upwards in natural environment and reach the Gelidonya Light House. We eat lunch and rest accompanied by glorious landscape. We complete our tour easily by walking downwards the route back. On the second and more difficult route we start walking from Adrasan, surmount the hills covered with pine trees and reach Gelidonya Light House after 4.5 hours.

Olympos (Trekking and Climbing) : In this region the first Olympos, founded on the peak of Musa Mountain on 170 acres can be seen on the Fethiye-Antalya-Lykia route after walking for nearly 2.5 hours. Among the ruins, cisterns, city gate, small theatre, two storey villas, remnants of archs are waiting to be revealed. The other side of Olympos looks on Adrasan plain. According to findings of Austrian archaeologists, “Teo Olympos” inscribed on the stones means “Olympos for God”. Only “OLYM” letters can be read from the remnants of these stones. As a result of various raids, the inhabitants of the Olympos came to the place, which we call Olympos now. For this reason the real Olympos is said to be on the peak of Musa Mountain. Two castles built in Adraianos period with the aim of observing can still be seen.

Mount Musa (Free Climbing): If you come to Adrasan, you should climb the Musa Mountain at the entrance of the bay. This is a difficult free climbing track. Before starting climbing we advise you not to wear shorts because of the thorns and bushes and to wear comfortable trousers or sweatsuits and gloves to be able to hold the rocks whose edges are really sharp. When you reach the peak after climbing for nearly 2.5 hours, you will find out that it is worth to struggle. Adrasan is at your feet, and the wind sings songs about the beauties of Adrasan.


























              They are in the west part of Antalya between Kemer and Adrasan. After passing Phaselis on the Antalya-Kumluca highway, signposts leading to Olympos and Cirali will be seen and Olympos can be reached by following either route. Cirali is the name of the village near Olympos, which was a port city established in the 2nd century and which continued to flourish until the 15th century A.D. The famous myth of Bellerophontes is said to have taken place here. The antique city is on two sides of a beautiful valley. A sandy beach is found where the town and the valley meet the sea, into which a mountain stream flows. An hour's walk from Olympos brings you to the natural phenomenon of Cirali. Known by the local inhabitants as the " burning mountain " (Yanartas), it is a result of escaping natural gas, whose flames have been shooting heavenwards for centuries. It is suggested that those who wish to visit the Yanartas for the first time should be accompanied by someone from the village.




   One km. after turning south 57 km. along the Antalya-Kemer highway, one reaches Phaselis. The city was settled by the Rhodians in the 7th century B.C. and for many years was the most important port city of the eastern Lycian seaboard. Phaselis has three harbours: the North harbour, the Military or Protected harbour and the South harbour, of which the most important is the last one. A 20-24 m. wide avenue runs throughout the city. At the southern end of this avenue, Hadrian's Gate is situated. On either side of the avenue are sidewalks and shops. Close to these, can be seen the public buildings like the baths, the theatre and the agora. The history of these buildings is said to go back to 1st and 2nd century B.C. There are water channels between the city center and settlement area, established on the tableland with a altitude of 70 meters.



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